A humorist, whose name I can not recall, claimed that the following would happen if two men and one woman were stranded on an island:

If they are Jewish, the two men will play cards, and see who get wins the woman.

If they are British, the two men will discuss the weather, and ignore the woman, because they are more interested in each other.

If they are French, the two men will share the woman.

If they are Italian, the woman will kill one of the men.

If they are Eskimos, one of the men will claim the woman, then lend her to the other man.

If they are Americans, they would still be discussing the matter, trying to find a fair and amicable way to settle the problem.

I understand that this situation reflects the essence of American humorous spirit, which emerged from the mixing of many ethnic groups, and their respective national sense of humor.

What I do not understand is why no Asian ethnic group is included in the two-men-and-one-woman scenarios.

I also do not understand why the above scenarios are supposed to be "humorous".

If the two men and one woman were Filipinos, the more serious of the two men would try to meet the woman's parents to pay his respects.